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BUBBLEBAGDUDE Thermal Wrap Insulation for 5 Gallon Extraction Bags Bucket and 5 Gallon Extraction Bag Machine - Extra Thick Neoprene to Keep The Water Colder for Longer (5 Gallon Bucket)



  • ✅ KEEP YOUR PRODUCT COLDER - The perfect and top choice among serious extractors for keeping in the cold and keeping out the heat. Helps minimize the amount of ice needed and maintain optimal temperature stability to ensure your product’s quality.
  • ✅ EXTRA THICK MILITARY-GRADE NEOPRENE - Our ice extraction bag insulator wrap is flexible to easily wrap around the machine and 5 Gallon bucket and durable to last for a long time. Neoprene also keeps the contents inside the washing vessel cold by preventing condensation and retaining temperature.
  • ✅ WIDE COVERAGE - Experience improved insulation and performance with a neoprene thermal jacket system that offers a wider coverage and is designed with interlocking velcro ends. Perfectly fits US 5 Gallon Bucket and Bubblebagdude 5 Gallon Bubble achine.
  • ✅ INCREASE SPEED AND EFFICIENCY - Enhancing production efficiency allows you to produce the desired product with greater speed and precision. This can be particularly beneficial when speed and accuracy are of the essence.
  • ✅ HUGE YIELDS AT A REDUCED COST - Our extraction bag insulation jacket provides an extra layer of insulation to maintain the temperature of the water inside the bucket and bubble machine.


Disclaimer :

Our Bubblebagdude products are intended and designed for coffee, essential oils, and herbs. They are not intended or designed for use in manufacturing, compounding, converting, concealing, producing, processing, preparing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing into the human body any controlled substance such as marijuana.

BUBBLEBAGDUDE Thermal Wrap Insulation for 5 Gallon Bucket

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